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When Is Bone Grafting Necessary?

Bone grafting is a surgical procedure in which material is surgically implanted into your jawbone, but when do you need this procedure? Read on to learn the situations where you might benefit from a bone graft.

Sep 6th, 2022
Tips for Caring for Your Child's Teeth

Need to take your child’s oral care routines to the next level? Modeling good oral care (for yourself) is just the beginning. We’ve rounded up the top tips for taking care of your child’s teeth.

Jul 1st, 2022
Why Preventive Dentistry Is So Important

Preventive dentistry is more than just making sure your teeth are tartar-free. Preventive dentistry promotes healthy teeth, gums, and mouth, and the best part is that preventive dentistry benefits your whole body. Learn more here.

Jun 1st, 2022
Help! My Teeth are Yellow

Are yellow teeth keeping you from sharing your smile with the world? You don’t need to hide your smile for long. Continue reading to learn about the many options available when it comes to teeth whitening.

May 1st, 2022
The Benefits of iTero Scanning Technology

Physical impressions used to be the go-to for creating models of your teeth for treatment planning. Now, digital scanning has replaced the need for physical molds. Here are the benefits of the iTero Element scanner.

Mar 1st, 2022
Does Everyone Need Their Wisdom Teeth Removed?

It seems like almost everyone gets their wisdom teeth removed, but does everyone benefit from wisdom tooth removal? In this blog, we explore the two reasons you might not need them to be removed 一 and seven signs that you do.

Feb 1st, 2022
5 Telltale Signs of Gum Disease

Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss, but thankfully, there are many red-flag warnings of gum disease. Learning how to spot these red flags can potentially save your teeth. Here’s what you need to know.

Jan 4th, 2022
Receding Gums: Can Pinhole Surgery Help?

Receding gums can be a cosmetic concern, but they also pose a threat to your oral health. Left untreated, receding gums can expose your tooth roots to bacteria. Pinhole surgery can improve the look 一 and health 一 of your gums. Find out more here.

Dec 7th, 2021
The Importance of Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer is notorious for affecting smokers, but the reality is that anyone can develop cancerous lesions in their mouth. Continue reading to learn more about oral cancer screenings and how they are an important part of your dental care.

Nov 7th, 2021
Adjusting to Invisalign: What to Expect

Are you interested in the Invisalign clear aligner system, but not sure what to expect? In this blog, we answer your top questions, including if Invisalign hurts and what you can expect during your treatment.

Sep 12th, 2021
3 Effective Types of Dental Sedation

If an upcoming dental procedure is giving you the jitters, dental sedation can help you relax. Dental sedation keeps you calm and comfortable. Sedation is available in several levels. Read on to explore three effective types.

Aug 9th, 2021
5 Benefits of Guided Tissue Regeneration

Guided tissue regeneration can restore tissue and bone lost to the complications of gum disease. In this blog, we share the five benefits of guided tissue regeneration and how it can help you restore your smile.

Jul 12th, 2021
What Are My Options for Tooth Replacement?

When you’re missing a tooth, it can affect the form and function of your mouth. Luckily, you don’t have to accept that as the status quo. At Lone Star Dental Care, we offer a variety of tooth replacement options. Read on to learn more.

Jun 15th, 2021
When to Consider Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Your wisdom teeth are your third set of molars, but they might cause more headaches than they’re worth. In this blog, we cover the signs that it’s time to consider a wisdom tooth extraction.

May 20th, 2021
4 Ways to Lower Your Risk for Gum Disease

If you notice bleeding gums when you brush your teeth, you might have gingivitis, a mild form of gum disease. Although this sounds scary, you can do many things to reduce your risk of developing gum disease. Read on to learn the top 4 tips.

Apr 14th, 2021
What to Expect During and After a Root Canal

Are you scheduled for a root canal? Sometimes just learning about your upcoming procedures eases some of the anxiety around the “unknown” elements of them. Here, we share everything you can expect during and after your root canal.

Mar 10th, 2021
All About Gum Grafting

Untreated gum recession often leads to tooth loss and a host of oral health issues. Gum grafting can stop your gums from receding, reduce symptoms of gum disease, and give you a more beautiful smile. Learn how you can benefit from gum grafting.

Feb 15th, 2021
How to Help Your Child With Dentist Chair Jitters

Dentist chair jitters are common for children, but you can help reduce their anxiety and make dental visits an enjoyable experience. Learn how to help calm your child’s dentist chair jitters and set the foundation for a lifetime of healthy teeth.

Nov 30th, 2020
The Basics of Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom tooth extraction in Plano is something that you likely put off until it’s absolutely necessary. The majority of patients need to get their wisdom teeth removed because they overcrowd the teeth, potentially impacting the other teeth in your mouth.

Aug 26th, 2020
How Oral Health Impacts Your Overall Health

They say your eyes are a window to your soul, but did you know that your oral health is a window to your overall health? Cutting your oral health routine short will likely have a domino effect on your overall health.

Jun 29th, 2020
Child’s Oral Health Care

I believe that all, pediatric dentists are super heroes but, unfortunately, we were not given the power of X-ray vision! Parents will often ask why we recommend their child, with a healthy and beautiful smile, have X-rays taken of their teeth...

Sep 30th, 2019
Wisdom Teeth Survival Guide

The phrase “wisdom teeth” does not have the best reputation, as most associate them with having surgery, not actual wisdom. Though some are able to go without ever having them removed, many must get one to four removed.

Sep 1st, 2019
Straightening Your Teeth With Invisalign

There is nothing new about orthodontics, patients have been using conventional metal braces for years to straighten and realign their teeth. What is new is Invisalign, a method that arrives at the same results but does it virtually invisibly.

Aug 20th, 2019
6 Things a Dental Cleaning Can Do For You

6 Things a Dental Cleaning Can Do For You. Prevent cavities: The whitish film that builds up on your teeth is called plaque and is the leading cause of tooth decay.

Jul 22nd, 2019
Important Things To Know About Invisalign

Invisalign is a great option whether you have mild or severe dental problems because it can help fix bite issues—including underbine, open bite, cross bite and more—and diminish gaps and overcrowding. You can contact Lone Star Dental Care...

Jun 26th, 2019
10 Facts Our Dentists Want You To Know

These facts give you great insight on maintaining good dental care and preventing serious dental problems, everybody should take advantage and do the following.

Jun 11th, 2019
Memorial Day Cook Out Tips and Recipes

Is it possible to eat healthy foods with Memorial Day coming up on May 27th? It’s time to think about how we are going to honor our brave troops while spending time with family this honorable holiday.

May 20th, 2019
Are You Staining Your Teeth While You Drink?

Whitening your teeth is a way to gain a brighter and whiter smile. But, have you ever thought of preventative measures to keep your teeth white without a whitening program?

May 10th, 2019
Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day from Lone Star Dental care Dentistry. Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate motherhood.

May 5th, 2019
How Dental Implants Save Smiles

When it comes to replacing a lost tooth (or several lost teeth), dental implants are often the most beneficial restorative option. However, many patients don’t realize that what dental implants do for your oral health extend beyond replacing...

May 2nd, 2019
Watching Out for Dental Health Threats

While an unsightly smile and bad breath are certainly less than ideal indicators of poor dental health, the risks associated with neglecting your oral hygiene are much more serious than cosmetic concerns. In fact, diabetes, heart and lung disease...

Apr 29th, 2019
February Is National Children’s Dental Month

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month, and the American Dental Association is asking people to “Defeat Monster Mouth.” This month-long national health observance brings together thousands of dedicated dental professionals...

Feb 12th, 2019
Check Out The STARS!!!!

8000 McKinney Road Frisco, TX 75034 Texas Astronomical Society holds one monthly Star Parties where members and guests can get together to observe and educate others about the night sky.

Feb 1st, 2019
Fluoride & Floss

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month! This year’s slogan hits two very important concepts for keeping our kids’ dental health in tip-top shape.

Jan 24th, 2019
New Year? New You?

Did you know that the practice of making New Year’s resolutions began almost 4,000 years ago? Ancient Babylonians, when their new year came around, made a promise to the gods that they would pay all debts and return anything they borrowed.

Jan 15th, 2019
Dental Holiday Gift Ideas!!!!

Racked for gift ideas this season? Fear not, because we’ve got some great ones for you. And we think they’re great because they’re all … dental-related!

Dec 15th, 2018
FSA 101

Maximize your FSA so you don’t lose any of that money when the year comes to an end. Ding ding ding!

Dec 10th, 2018
Understand Root Canals

When you hear the term “root canal,” does your mind start playing some tune from a horror movie? Well, we hope we can sort out the truth about root canals so you know they’re not that scary.

Dec 5th, 2018
Our Team of Registered Dental Assistants

Meet our outstanding back office team. Our registered dental assistants have spent hours upon hours training one on one with our doctors learning how to provide excellent care to our patients.

Dec 1st, 2018
Overcoming Dental Fears

Dentistry has come a long way over the years. Can you imagine undergoing an extraction in ancient times with no anesthesia and unsterilized tools?

Nov 24th, 2018
Saving Dental Implants With LANAP!

The LAPIP protocol is the only patient-friendly, predictable solution for ailing implants. Studies indicate 95% of the failing implants treated with the LAPIP protocol have reintegrated in the pocket and stabilized with bone growth of 3-8 threads.

Nov 16th, 2018
Fall Staff Photos

After we had our amazing staff Thanksgiving lunch together we decided to take some staff photos! We added some amazing individuals to our team.

Nov 15th, 2018
Christmas In The Square

Frisco Square Property Owners Association, and in partnership with the City of Frisco and NBC5 presents the largest choreographed holiday lights and music show in North Texas. Christmas in the Square returns for its 14th year, full of established...

Nov 14th, 2018
North Texas Turkey Trot!!!

This is the 8th year for the popular and growing family event on Thanksgiving Day in Frisco. The event offers a 10K trot, 5K trot, and a Miracle Mile for kids.

Nov 8th, 2018
Visiting Our Office When You Are Pregnant

Pregnant mamas have a lot on their plate. Between doctor visits, preparing for little one’s arrival, and managing pregnancy symptoms, scheduling a routine dental visit may not seem like a priority.

Nov 5th, 2018
Local Halloween Festivities in Frisco

This October, take a blast to the past and beyond at the hottest Halloween extravaganza in North Texas, Saturday, October 27, at Toyota Stadium in Frisco, from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. And for the first time ever, journey through the National Soccer Hall...

Oct 15th, 2018
The Difference Between Crowns and Fillings

It’s normal to be confused about dental terminology. Unless you’re in the profession yourself, it can be easier to smile and nod while in the chair than ask about all the ins and outs of any procedure recommended to you.

Oct 11th, 2018

Do you have an LANAP (laser-assisted new attachment procedure) scheduled, or has your dental professional talked to you about having this treatment done? If yes, you are probably wondering what to expect during the procedure and after.

Sep 26th, 2018
Trick Or Treat The Square

It may seem like it’s been around for months because Halloween decorations and aisles of candy start showing up in stores in September, but Halloween is here now. You and your family have probably already picked out your costumes.

Aug 22nd, 2018
Dealing With Your Dental Anxiety

If you get goosebumps just thinking about setting a dental appointment, you may have dental anxiety. You are not alone if you suffer from this fear.

Aug 15th, 2018
What Are Some Types Of Periodontal Maintenance?

Gum disease is a very common chronic disease among American adults. In the early stage of gum disease, known as gingivitis, early treatment can stop it from 1progressing into something serious or it may even reverse the disease.

Aug 1st, 2018
How Does Osseous Surgery Help With Gum Disease?

In the early stages, gum disease can be treated and even reversed, if caught in time. If left without treatment, periodontal disease can get very serious and cause a lot of problems for your oral health.

Jul 20th, 2018
Frisco Book Fest

The Frisco Book Fest is a festival for both readers and local writers. On Saturday, November 4th from at the Frisco Public Library, guests will have a chance to talk to local authors and illustrators.

Jul 11th, 2018
Root Canal Therapy Can Save Your Tooth

When dealing with tooth decay, it is important to treat it early to stop it from progressing into something serious. Without treatment, tooth decay can deepen within a tooth to the point where you may need to extract the tooth completely.

Jul 6th, 2018
When Do I Choose Porcelain Veneers?

Some cosmetic issues with your smile may not make you feel self-conscious. Maybe you have a small gap in your front teeth that gives you some pride in your smile.

Jun 29th, 2018
Frisco Fireworks Extravaganza

Top off your night on Wednesday, July 4th with the star of Frisco Freedom Fest, the Fireworks Extravaganza. Join us at approximately 9:30 p.m. (after the conclusion of the FC Dallas match) for one of the largest fireworks finales in all of North Texas!

Jun 25th, 2018
How Do You Remove Teeth Stains?

When you see your smile in pictures or in the mirror, how do you feel? If you feel embarrassed due to discoloration, then give us a call!

Jun 24th, 2018
Looking For Fun Events?

18With the holiday season growing near, there will soon be plenty of events and festivities to take part in. In today’s blog, we would like to highlight a few fun November events coming up.

Jun 18th, 2018
Restore Your Smile With Porcelain Veneers

Some flaws in your smile make you feel special and unique. Maybe you have a small gap in your front teeth that makes you feel like you have a signature look.

Jun 14th, 2018
Preventing A Necessary Extraction

Many major dental procedures can be prevented by maintaining good oral health or by treating problems early. A dental extraction is no different.

Oct 20th, 2017
Why Do I Need To See My Dentist Twice A Year?

You know the recommendations: brush and floss your teeth twice a day, drink eight glasses of water, and visit your dentist at least every six months. Following these recommendations are good your health and your oral health.

Oct 18th, 2017
Important Reasons To Replace A Missing Tooth

Losing a tooth as an adult is not fun. It usually is the result of some sort of bad experience, and it usually does not come along with a fun visit from the Tooth Fairy.

Oct 15th, 2017
14th Annual Lone Star Storytelling Festival

If you are looking for a community event that showcases the heart of your local Texans and some nationally renowned storytellers, look no further. The 14th Annual Lone Star Storytelling Festival features honest stories filled with humor and heart.

Oct 13th, 2017
Can Cosmetic Bonding Restore My Smile?

If in the recent years, you have had a cavity treated with a filling, chances are the filling was a tooth-colored material instead of amalgam metal. Did you know that the composite resin material used in a tooth-colored filling is the same material...

Oct 11th, 2017
Time For A Dazzling Bright Smile?

When considering a refresh for your smile, a whitening treatment is usually the simplest way to go. Whitening treatments can be non-invasive, while also providing dramatic results to give you a dazzling brighter smile.

Oct 9th, 2017
Protecting Your Family’s Smile This Fall

Autumn marks the season where treats roll in that typically don’t end until January’s resolutions kick in. Sugary pumpkin lattes, apple ciders, and fried food at a fair are just the beginning. Halloween is a whole holiday almost completely devoted...

Oct 6th, 2017
Insecure About A Gummy Smile?

When the appearance of your mouth makes you feel insecure, you may find yourself hiding your smile. Studies show that smiling can actually improve your mood.

Oct 2nd, 2017
The Benefits Of Zirconia Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are commonly used to protect a fragile tooth, replace a missing tooth, or anchor a replacement like a bridge. A crown can restore a broken or treated tooth back to the stable strength it once had.

Sep 27th, 2017
The Big Orange Pumpkin Farm

Autumn has officially begun. While it may still feel like summer in North Texas, September 21st marks the first day of fall.

Sep 25th, 2017
Are There Different Types Of Teeth Stains?

Discoloration of your teeth may make you feel self-conscious or less confident about your smile. You may have tried all different ways to whiten your smile or you may have even tried changing your lifestyle to limit the causes of discoloration.

Sep 22nd, 2017
Stress And The Effects On Your Smile

Stress is very common among adult Americans, and sadly even common among adolescents and children. With stress, there are times in your life will stressful moment after stressful moment will come in waves.

Sep 18th, 2017
5th Annual Collin County Home & Garden Show

This weekend, more than 250 exhibitors will fill the Allen Event Center (AEC) for the Collin County Home and Garden Show. This is the fifth year for the event that brings together landscapers, contractors, designers, and homeowners.

Sep 15th, 2017
Why Do We Remove Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are also known as third molars because they come in later in life after the second permanent molars. Wisdom teeth do not always cause issues, and sometimes they may be okay to remain in the mouth.

Sep 11th, 2017
Options To Treat Periodontal Disease

Gum disease, or periodontal disease, is the inflammation of the gums that can progress to affect the bone that surrounds and supports your teeth. The three stages of gum disease are gingivitis, periodontitis, and advanced periodontitis...

Sep 8th, 2017
Frisco’s First Multicultural Festival

According to Global Village Frisco, the citizens of the city speak over 67 different languages. To celebrate the truly diverse city, the first ever Multicultural Festival is being held this weekend in Frisco, Texas.

Sep 6th, 2017
3 Ways You Can Better Protect Your Smile Against Cavities

Cavities are a well-known concern, and people can claim awareness of how they are formed, and how they can be prevented. Unfortunately, even though you may think of this as common knowledge, many people still find themselves coming in for restorative...

Sep 4th, 2017
Early Treatment Is Key To A Healthy Smile

The most important key to unlocking a healthy smile is preventing problems with your teeth and gums before they arise. Both gum disease and tooth decay are among the most common chronic conditions affecting Americans; both can be prevented.

Aug 30th, 2017
When Is Extraction Necessary?

Most serious dental issues are preventable by maintaining good oral hygiene and regular visits with your dentist. Visiting your dentist every six months allows for a thorough exam and professional cleanings.

Aug 28th, 2017
The How And Why Of Replacing A Lost Tooth

Losing a tooth can be a traumatic experience, especially when it happens as an adult. When you are a child, the experience is usually capped off by a visit from the Tooth Fairy and some money under your pillow.

Aug 25th, 2017
The Importance Of Professional Cleanings

Even if you are vigilantly brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day (especially before bed), you may still have some tartar and plaque buildup. A professional cleaning can make sure that any calcified particles are removed from your teeth.

Aug 23rd, 2017
Bark In The Park

The Frisco RoughRiders minor league baseball team are bringing back Bark In The Park for their 2017 season. Bark In The Park nights are when baseball fans can bring their dogs to the ballpark for fun, games, and dog-related activities.

Aug 21st, 2017
Updating Your Smile With Cosmetic Gum Surgery

Several gum issues cause serious issues to your oral and overall health, such as advanced periodontal disease. But some gum issues may only affect your appearance like a ‘gummy smile.

Aug 16th, 2017
What Is Osseous Surgery?

Osseous surgery is a type of periodontal procedure where the damaged bone around the tooth is removed or recontoured. Osseous surgery may become necessary if gum disease advances so far that it causes damage to the bones.

Aug 13th, 2017