Are You Staining Your Teeth While You Drink?

Whitening your teeth is a way to gain a brighter and whiter smile. But, have you ever thought of preventative measures to keep your teeth white without a whitening program? There are a handful of drinks you should avoid because they stain your teeth. Check out what to stay away from to keep your teeth white.

Coffee and Tea

Black coffee especially stains your teeth. People brush their teeth in the morning, but then grab a cup of coffee before work. Drinking dark coffee easily stains your teeth no matter how infrequently or frequently you are drinking it. Did you know that adding milk to your coffee lightens the color and prevents some staining? Now you may want to switch from coffee to tea. Yet, tea is full of tannins. Tannins stain your teeth as well. The darker the tea—like coffee—the more likely your teeth will stain. Green and white teas are the better route to take if you want to keep stains at a minimum.

Soda and Dark Juice

Not only is soda sugary (bathing your teeth in artificial sugar and acid) and bad for your teeth and overall health, but it also contains dark colors. Drinking soda often can stain your teeth. In general, it’s best to stay away from soda altogether. With dark juices, meet your teeth’s two biggest enemies: grape and cranberry juice. The juices contain acid that stain. If you are an avid juice drinker, stick to something lighter, like apple juice.

Sports Drinks

Drinks like Gatorade, Monster, and Powerade are highly acidic. Acidic drinks soften tooth enamel. What happens next? Eventually, your softened tooth enamel leads to staining.

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