How Does Osseous Surgery Help With Gum Disease?

In the early stages, gum disease can be treated and even reversed, if caught in time. If left without treatment, periodontal disease can get very serious and cause a lot of problems for your oral health. Advanced gum disease wreaks havoc not only on your gum tissue, but on the bones beneath the tissue. Osseous surgery is a type of periodontal procedure used to remove or recontour bone matter damaged by gum disease. Osseous surgery removes bacteria and damage creating a revived, healthy area for a regrowth of gum tissue to reattach to the bone. 

Why Is It Needed?

The procedure preserves the tissues and bones that support your teeth. By preserving these areas, the teeth themselves are at less of a risk of removal or falling out from the advanced gum disease. Gum disease can cause quite a bit of pain once it reaches the depths to affect the bone. The osseous surgery can provide relief for the pain. The procedure can also make the area easier to clean, which can help to prevent the gum disease from continuing to worsen. Osseous surgery can stop periodontitis , the most advanced form of gum disease, from advancing any further and causing more damage.

What Is It?

Osseous surgery is also known as flap surgery. The procedure involves making an incision to create very small flap in your gums. This flap in the gums will create an opening for your oral surgeon to reach the roots of the teeth and surrounding bone. Once accessed, the bone can be disinfected to clean it of any bacteria. The bone may be contoured back to a smooth shape, as advanced periodontal disease can sometimes leave the bones quite ragged. Depending on the damage to the area, bone grafting to restore the bones back to their strength and size may need to be done. After the area has been disinfected and repaired, the gum tissue will be sutured back together to close the flap.

Osseous surgery can treat gum disease’s effects on your bones

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