Looking For Fun Events?

18With the holiday season growing near, there will soon be plenty of events and festivities to take part in. In today’s blog, we would like to highlight a few fun November events coming up. In addition, remember that if you want to greet the holidays with a brighter smile, we have an array of cosmetic treatments available.

Community Events

  1. Community Parade: The Community Parade takes place on Saturday, November 11th at 10am. The parade starts at Toyota Stadium then travels east down Main Street through the historic downtown, before ending at North County Road. The parade celebrates Veteran’s Day and will feature marching bands, floats, sports teams, cheerleaders, scouts, local business, and civic organizations. Admission is free and the parade starts at 6891 West Main Street. A great event for the entire family!
  2. Starfest: The Texas Astronomical Society will host Starfest on Saturday, November 11th at Frisco Common Parks, located at 8000 McKinney Road. Members and guests can look at stars, planets, and more! Admission is free and the event lasts from 6pm until 10:30pm. Learn about the universe and the wonders of the night sky!
  3. Frisco Fine Arts Fall Festival: The Frisco Fine Arts Fall Festival will be held on Sunday, November 12th from 1pm until 5pm at 7227 Main Street, Suite 400. There will be glass art, paintings, jewelry, live paintings, and cider. Enjoy a perfect fall weekend and celebrate the arts in Frisco!

Do You Need to See the Dentist?

We can help you enjoy a more beautiful and healthy smile before your next holiday-related event! To schedule a consultation with Dr. Vahadi, call our dentist’s office in Frisco, TX, today at 972-335-7100. We proudly welcome patients from Frisco and all surrounding communities, including Dallas, Plano, McKinney, Prosper, The Colony, Carrollton, Lewisville, and more.

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