Memorial Day Cook Out Tips and Recipes

Is it possible to eat healthy foods with Memorial Day coming up on May 27th? It’s time to think about how we are going to honor our brave troops while spending time with family this honorable holiday. Many Memorial Day celebrations involve cookouts with family and friends, but some of our favorite foods on this holiday may not be great for our dental health. As your favorite local dentist, here are the best Memorial Day cookout foods from Lone Star Dental Care.

Healthy Foods for Teeth

Red White and Blue Cobb Salad with cheese

We found a Cobb salad recipe that is as American as it is delicious. With Jicama, tomatoes and blue cheese, you are guaran

teed to feel patriotic as you eat this delicious salad. As a better alternative for your dental health, replace the acidic tomatoes and vinegar in this dish with red bell peppers to keep the same aesthetic while avoiding the corrosive acid.

Grilled Sweet Potato Fries

Did you know that sweet potatoes are superfood for your teeth?!?! This is Memorial Day friendly since you can grill up these fries. Vitamin A is an essential nutrient for your teeth and gums since it helps maintain the integrity of your gums and promotes the formation of tooth enamel. Sweet potatoes are luckily packed full of essential vitamin for your dental health! These fries are sure to be a hit at any Memorial Day Cookout and favorite of our ladies at our front desk.

Steak For Your Dental Health

While the traditional cookout foods are burgers and hot dogs, those aren’t necessarily the best for your teeth. Steak is a healthier alternative that is twice as delicious and still tastes better fresh off the grill. This red meat contains phosphorus, which is good for strengthening your teeth and bones. The chewing motion from chewing steak also helps clean teeth by increasing saliva production.

These three delicious cookout healthy foods for your teeth are sure to be a hit at any Memorial Day party. Grab some strawberries, carrots and celery as sides to even further benefit your teeth. Also, remember that summer is the best time for the whole family to get their teeth cleaned by your trusted North Dallas dentist at Lone Star Dental Care.

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