New Year? New You?

Did you know that the practice of making New Year’s resolutions began almost 4,000 years ago? Ancient Babylonians, when their new year came around, made a promise to the gods that they would pay all debts and return anything they borrowed.

Today, it’s still a very common practice, whether you’re successful at following through or not!

If you’re into making resolutions, might we suggest some that would be good for your teeth?

If you’ve let your dental routine slide, pick one or two of the below recommendations for upcoming year. Your teeth, your wallet, and your dentist will thank you!

Floss. Just do it. Think about all the food and gunk that gets caught between your teeth that can only be removed by flossing. Ick.

Start using a tongue scraper!

Don’t skip a brushing. Brush at least twice a day for at least two minutes a pop.

Figure out what’s causing your dry mouth. Your mouth needs a good amount of saliva in order to bathe the teeth and wash away icky stuff. A dry mouth needs some attention to keep your teeth at their best.

Don’t skip hygiene appointments. For most people, twice a year is adequate. For others, you may need more. During routine visits, dentists spot problems before they get worse (or more expensive for you). Plus, that squeaky clean feeling after a cleaning is hard to beat!

Change your relationship with food. Addicted to sugar? It’s never too late to reset your habits!

Go easy on the kombucha. If your other resolutions include stocking up on the stuff, you may want to reconsider. Kombucha is a rather acidic beverage, and isn’t so great for your teeth.

Drink less soda, energy drinks, and juice. These beverages contain a ton of sugar and empty calories! They’re not good for your pancreas, or your teeth. Go with sparkling water or water infused with yummy chopped fruit for flavor.

Been wanting to whiten your teethGo for it! Being the proud owner of a beautiful new smile will make you want to take better care of your mouth. We think that’s a win.

Quit smoking! This one is always worth mentioning. Smoking is terrible for your body, your gums, and your teeth.

The most successful New Year’s resolution-ers pick one or two specific, achievable goals. Do any of these and your mouth’s health will be better by the end of the year!

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