What Happens When My Wisdom Teeth Come In?

“With time comes wisdom” is typically a phrase you hear and feel heartened by, knowing that with life experience comes knowledge. Sadly though, another thing that tends to come with age is wisdom teeth. These are the last set of molars that can erupt at the ends of your dental ridges. What happens when wisdom teeth come in? Usually, people don’t have enough space for these teeth to grow and erupt properly, which can lead to pain and dental issues. Visit your dentist as soon as possible to prevent them from doing any more harm.

These Teeth Better Wise Up

If you don’t have the proper space for a wisdom tooth to erupt, either because of the structure of your jaw bone or a nearby molar, it can become impacted. Impacted wisdom teeth will grow and develop at an angle and push against your nearby molars. This can cause you to experience quite a bit of pain. It can also damage and shift the rest of your teeth. Because of these issues, your dentist will recommend extraction as soon as possible.

Removing impacted wisdom teeth has many benefits besides alleviating the pain associated with it. Other oral health benefits include:

 Prevents further damage to your jaw bone structure and periodontal tissues.

 Improved function of your bite.

 Stopping and avoiding further damage to your surrounding teeth.

 Keep your proper tooth alignment maintained.

If the idea of extracting a tooth gives you anxiety, don’t fret. Your dentist can offer you IV sedation to help relax and numb you during surgery. An experienced anesthesiologist will be on hand to administer and monitor you. Contact your dentist today and keep your smile healthy and safe.

A Word To The Wise

Our staff can provide you with the treatments your smile needs to be happy, healthy, and attractive. Contact us at our local Frisco, TX office at 972-335-7100.

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