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Feeling confident in your smile is an important aspect of enjoying your life. After all, you want to be able to enjoy life’s best moments with a stellar smile rather than hiding behind your hands in embarrassment. Our team at Lone Star Dental Care is dedicated to ensuring your smile is everything that you want it to be and more. One way of doing this is through dental implants in Plano and Frisco, an ideal way to improve your smile and fill in any gaps.

Dental Implant Placement and Restoration

Utilizing advanced technology and surgical techniques, implant dentistry provides highly-realistic, highly-functioning replacement teeth, complete with supportive roots that mimic those of your natural teeth. Rather than having to visit a secondary specialist for your implant placement, Dr. Vahadi offers a complete range of dental implant services, from placement to restoration. If necessary, he can also perform prerequisite procedures, such as bone grafting and guided tissue regeneration, to help you become a better candidate for implant placement. After a thorough evaluation, he will provide you with the treatment plan that best suits your needs and helps you smile with pride.

Dental implants are shaped similar to a screw and act as an artificial tooth root. It is an artificial tooth root, made of titanium metal typically made from titanium- a biocompatible material that becomes integrated with your jaw as the bone heals around the implant post. After fusing with the jaw bone, the implants provide an anchor onto which Dr. Vahadi will secure your replacement crown, partial denture, or full denture, depending on how many teeth need to be replaced. Dental implants are made from three different parts including the implant itself, the abutment and the prosthesis. The implant is the portion that is placed into the bone. This portion fuses with your jawbone so it is a permanent part of your smile! The abutment is a small piece that is placed on top of the implant to hold the prosthesis in place. The prosthesis is the tooth portion of the implant, such as a crown, bridge, or denture.

Tooth Loss and Implant Dentistry

The majority of adults in the United States will experience the loss of at least one permanent tooth by the age of 45 (many of them due to advanced periodontal disease). While conventional tooth replacement options focus on rebuilding the appearance of your smile and your ability to bite and chew, they cannot address the underlying consequences of tooth loss. With roots missing, your jaw bone will lose some of the stimulation that keeps it strong and healthy, causing it to lose density over time and increasing your risks of future tooth loss.

Dental implants are typically made from titanium – a biocompatible material that becomes integrated with your jaw as the bone heals around the implant posts. After fusing with your jaw bone, the implants provide an anchor onto which Dr. Vahadi will secure your replacement crown, partial denture, or full denture, depending on how many teeth you’ve lost. Once completed, your smile will look just as amazing as it always did and no one will be able to tell the difference.

The Benefits of Implant Dentistry

Dental implants, which offer a prosthetic solution to replacing lost teeth roots, offer a number of benefits over traditional bridges and dentures, including:

 Improved overall oral health

 Replaces one or more teeth without affecting neighboring teeth

 A long-lasting solution

 Eliminates the risk of dental decay

 The prevention of jaw bone deterioration

 Improved chances of retaining all of the rest of your natural teeth

 Improves your speech, overall self-image and increases your ability to eat a variety of foods

 Improved facial appearance with the support of prosthetic teeth roots

 A long-term solution; with the right care and maintenance, implant posts can last for life

Signs You Can Benefit from Dental Implants

Dental implants in Plano are ideal for a wide variety of patients. If you have one or multiple missing teeth, implants can provide you with an easy and reliable solution to fill the gap. A missing tooth can lead to potential problems if not treated, which is why it’s essential to take care of the problem as soon as possible. It could lead to:

 Increased biting stress on other teeth

 Bone recession in the area of the missing tooth

 Drifting or shifting of the neighboring teeth causing an unbalanced bite

 The gap between teeth widens, thereby compromising the esthetic effect

 Losing your natural smile

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As a top-notch general dentist and master of ICOI in Frisco, TX, Dr. Afshin Vahadi and the team at Lone Star Dental Care know the importance of staying up-to-date with advanced dental practices and technology. Our office in Frisco TX provides highly precise 3D imaging and guided surgery technology to make implant procedures more predictable and precise. In addition to a wide variety of general dental services, Dr. Vahadi and our team are also highly-skilled in advanced treatments such as dental sedation, pinhole surgery, laser gum surgery, implant dentistry, and more. Whether you need dental implants or any other type of dental treatment in Frisco or Plano, TX, we’re more than happy to provide an evaluation and recommend the best treatment plan to give you the results you’re looking for.

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