Pediatric Dentistry


Dentistry Treatments Specifically for Children

Even as their primary teeth (baby teeth) are erupting, children’s adult teeth have already begun developing underneath them within their jawbones. Therefore, pediatric dental care is important not only for your children’s first set of teeth, but also for the long-term health of their permanent smiles. Given the differences between children’s and adults’ smiles, however, pediatric dentistry includes general services that are specifically designed for the unique challenges of children’s still-developing teeth and oral structures.

Initial and Regular Pediatric Visits

We advise bringing children to their first dental visit as early as six months of age, or after the first tooth erupts. These first visits, known as Happy Visits, help young children grow accustomed to the new environment of the dentist’s office, and helps us inspect their mouths and show you effective ways of keeping their gums clean. By age three, children should begin attending  regular preventive appointments every six months along with their parents and older siblings.

Dental Sealants

One of the biggest dental concerns for children is tooth decay and cavities, which are caused by food debris and plaque buildup on teeth. In addition to brushing and flossing twice a day, we can help children better prevent cavities with the help of dental sealants. Sealants are a thin layer of biocompatible plastic applied to the surfaces of children’s teeth to prevent debris and plaque from accumulating in the crevices.

Fluoride Treatments

The tooth enamel that coats your child’s teeth is their first defense against tooth decay and cavities, but it grows weak the longer it is exposed to the oral bacteria in plaque. Made almost entirely of minerals, tooth enamel can grow stronger when exposed to fluoride, which bonds to the weakened layers of enamel. Fluoride treatments may be recommended if your child exhibits especially weak enamel, to better prevent the development of cavities.

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