Guided Tissue Regeneration


Regrow Lost Bone Structure with Guided Tissue Regeneration

With modern advancements in dental and periodontal treatment, recovering from the damages of periodontal disease is easier and more effective than ever before. One of the most significant issues with gum disease is the loss of gum tissues and jaw bone structure due to the spread of inflammation and infection, which may lead to tooth loss when not addressed promptly. Guided tissue regeneration is the advanced process of re-growing lost bone structure around your tooth roots, and may serve as a preferable alternative to traditional bone grafting.

Gum Disease, Bone Loss, and Tissue Regeneration

The first stage of gum disease, known as gingivitis, is marked by unchecked inflammation in your gums. As the disease matures, the inflammation becomes more prominent, and can gradually destroy healthy gums and bone structure. Because of the bone degradation that it causes, severe periodontal disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss in the United States.

As an alternative to bone grafting, or as a complement to it, Dr. Vahadi often recommends guided tissue regeneration. The procedure utilizes biological membrane barriers, tissue-stimulating proteins, and bioactive growth factors and matrices to help your jaw regrow healthy, strong bone structure. Guided tissue regeneration can benefit patients who wish to prevent tooth loss, receive dental implants, improve their overall facial appearance, or build more supportive bone structure underneath a denture or dental bridge.

The Benefits of Guided Tissue Regeneration

By helping you regrow lost bone tissue, guided tissue regeneration offers several benefits, including:

 Improved chances of retaining all of your natural teeth

 Improved success rates over some types of bone grafts

 Less invasive than bone grafting surgery

 Reverses the destructive consequences of periodontal disease

 Reduces risks of serious oral health problems in the future related to insufficient jaw bone structure

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