Osseous Surgery


Preventing Tooth Loss through Osseous Surgery

There are several factors that contribute to the damages caused by periodontal disease, including unchecked tissue inflammation and jaw bone degradation. When other periodontal treatments have failed to stop tissue and bone destruction around a tooth, Dr. Vahadi can perform osseous surgery to rebuild support and prevent tooth loss. Though the surgery is not typically extensive, you may choose to receive dental sedation in addition to local anesthesia to help you remain calm throughout the procedure.

Rebuilding Tooth Support

Through the course of periodontal disease, gum infection and inflammation can cause your gums to separate from your teeth, which is a precursor to the destruction of your gums and jaw bone. Periodontal maintenance, such as scaling and root planing, can often reverse the symptoms of gum disease to help you preserve your healthy smile. However, if maintenance fails, then saving your tooth from loss might involve osseous surgery to preserve the foundational support around it.

During osseous surgery, or flap surgery, Dr. Vahadi will carefully move back a small section of gum tissue, clean and smooth the roots of your teeth, and then smooth the areas of bone that have been roughened by the disease.

The Benefits of Osseous Surgery

By preserving the supportive bone and tissues around a tooth, osseous surgery provides a number of benefits, including:

 Retaining a tooth instead of having to extract it

 Maintaining proper occlusion by maintaining a full row of teeth

 Stopping the further spread of gum disease throughout your gums and jaw bone

 Making the area around the tooth easier to keep clean with daily hygiene

 Alleviating sensitivity in and around the tooth.

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