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Periodontal Disease Treatment with Perio Protect®

Gingivitis – the precursor stage of gum disease – is the product of excessive oral bacteria infecting vulnerable gum and periodontal tissues. To treat gingivitis and gum disease, we focus on removing the bacteria and infection from underneath your gums, and if necessary, restoring any damage to your periodontal tissues and/or jawbone. Perio Protect® treatment increases our ability to fight and control gum disease by providing medicine that directly targets the oral bacteria responsible. As part of your periodontal maintenance, we may recommend Perio Protect® to reduce your risks of gum disease flaring up, or becoming worse.

Micromanaging Infectious Oral Bacteria

Depending on the severity of your periodontal disease, treatment may involve scaling and root planing, also known as periodontal cleaning, or you may require laser periodontal treatment using the advanced LANAP® protocol. In either case, Dr. Vahadi may also recommend treatment with Perio Protect® trays, which fit over your teeth to deliver professional-strength anti-bacterial medicine to your gums.

The trays are similar to mouthguards, but provide a special seal to deliver the medicine underneath your gums, where the infection resides. Perio Protect® is a self-care treatment that you can apply at home between your periodontal cleaning and maintenance visits to better control oral bacteria development and prevent damages caused by gum disease.

The Benefits of Perio Protect® Anti-Bacterial Treatment

Traditionally, periodontal maintenance could prove challenging because oral bacteria accumulate and multiply at rapid speeds, and can become overwhelming by the time patients attend their next dental visit. The most significant advantage of Perio Protect® treatment is that the system gives patients the ability to proactively treat periodontal disease at home, resulting in more favorable outcomes at the dentist’s office.

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