The Science of Orthodontic Correction

Crooked teeth—a condition known as malocclusion—can affect anyone, regardless of age. If not corrected, the misalignment in your bite can detract from your smile’s appearance while simultaneously placing your smile at risk of issues like tooth decay and periodontal disease. This is where orthodontics comes into play, as it is the study of tooth alignment and misalignment. Orthodontics corrects malocclusion so patients can enjoy straighter, healthier, and more beautiful smiles.

How Can Orthodontics Help?

There are many circumstances in which the field of orthodontics can ensure your smile is as straight and healthy as possible. Our team can help fix the following:

 Closing wide gaps between teeth

 Aligning teeth tips

 Straightening crooked teeth

 Improving speech and chewing ability

 Preventing excessive teeth trauma

 Treating bite types

What Techniques are Utilized?

We will mainly use braces to correct tooth placement and transform your smile. According to Know Your Teeth, “Braces generally come in three varieties: The most popular type are brackets, metal, ceramic or plastic, that are bonded to the teeth. Ceramic brackets are typically clear or tooth-colored and are far less noticeable than metal brackets.”

Braces consist of brackets, wires, and bands working in sync to shift your teeth into their proper position. The bands are fixed around the teeth, serving as anchors. The brackets are connected to the front of the teeth, and the wires pass through the brackets and are then fixed to the bands. During each visit, our team will tighten the wire, apply tension to the teeth and help move them into their proper place over time.

Benefits of Orthodontics

Orthodontic treatments can be beneficial as early as 12 years old to correct problems early. Dental crowding and your bite are two issues that are best treated as early as possible. The more complicated, crooked, or deformed your teeth are, the longer you will have to wear braces. Most patients have braces between one and two years. When we remove braces, a retainer is given that you wear nightly to keep your teeth aligned.

The study of orthodontics can also help solve problems like grinding or clenching of your teeth. If you constantly click and move your jaw, you may benefit from a custom-designed mouth guard. This will protect your teeth from continuous grinding, especially if you do it subconsciously like while sleeping at night.Our Plano near dentists are available through our website our a quick phone call. Call to make an appointment at Lone Star Dental Care in Frisco, TX to discover how orthodontic treatment can improve both your smile and your confidence.

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