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At Lone Star Dental Care, Dr. Vahadi uses our 3D printing to create patient-specific prosthetics and appliances that are designed precisely for each patient’s anatomy. This allows our dental labs to create precise models for surgical guides, plastic aligners, and more without the need for pouring impressions. 

Why 3D printing?

3D printed models can be quickly produced in-house or in a dental lab for same-day appointments. When we use 3D printing, patients can receive treatment faster. The models and molds are accurate and can be used repeatedly due to the durability of the materials. By designing the prosthetic or appliance for the patient’s individual circumstances, it can also help prevent complications such as ulcers or discomfort when wearing the restoration for long periods of time.

3D Printing At Lone Star Dental Care

At our dental office, Dr. Vahadi uses 3D printing to make models instead of pouring impressions. We are able to scan your jaw and teeth to create surgical guides and restoration plan for you beforehand! This helps us to avoid potential complications during the surgery and even gives you an idea of how your new smile will look once complete. Additionally, we also use the scan to print your new night guards and clear aligners! This makes your visit to the dentist more comfortable and efficient as you’ll know that your final restorations will fit properly. Experience the benefits of a 3D printer at our practice by contacting us today to schedule your consultation!

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