How Do You Remove Teeth Stains?

When you see your smile in pictures or in the mirror, how do you feel? If you feel embarrassed due to discoloration, then give us a call! As dental professionals, we can offer solutions to discoloration with professional Teeth Whitening. We can remove teeth stains and help you obtain a smile you can proud to how the world.


Frequently Asked Questions About Removing Teeth Stains

Question: How do you remove discoloration from the office?

Answer: We can actually brighten your teeth in as little as one to two hours. We begin by coating your teeth in a powerful bleaching gel. We then use a curing light to activate the gel, removing surface stains for the teeth. In one visit, you can obtain a noticeably brighter smile.

Question: Do you offer a take home system?

Answer: Yes! We will provide a set of plastic trays and a bleaching solution. Each day, you will add gel to the trays and wear them for the amount of time the dentist prescribes, usually about a half hour. Over the course of one to two weeks, your smile can be brightened by multiple shades.

Question: What if I have permanent stains?

Answer: Sometimes known as intrinsic stains, permanent discoloration actually form beneath the tooth enamel. They aren’t caused by smoking or certain food and drinks, instead injury to the teeth, fluorosis, or tetracycline use at a young age leads to discoloration. Since they sometimes don’t respond to traditional whitening methods, we may mask them with bonding or veneers.

Question: How do I keep my teeth bright?

Answer: By practicing good oral hygiene! You should be brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once every night. You also need to undergo a routine dental cleaning twice a year. Finally, make sure you cut back on sugary foods and drinks, as well as drinks containing dark pigments, such as soda, tea, red wine, or coffee.

Do You Have Teeth Stains?

We can remove discoloration with our professional teeth whitening procedures! To schedule a consultation with Dr. Vahadi, call our dentist’s office in Frisco, TX, today at 972-335-7100. We proudly welcome patients from Frisco and all surrounding communities, including Dallas, Plano, McKinney, Prosper, The Colony, Carrollton, Lewisville, and more.

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