How You Can Recover From Gum Disease

How You Can Recover From Gum Disease

Posted by Lone Star Dental Care Apr 19, 2017

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Gum disease can wear down your tooth’s support structures over time through jaw bone degradation and tissue inflammation. Without these tissues and bone surrounding your tooth, it is left vulnerable to further damage and can even become totally lost. This can lead to more and more invasive surgeries and possibly do further damage to your overall oral health. Thankfully, your dentist can provide you with several treatments to combat this, such as osseous surgery, and help you recover your smile from gum disease.

The Root Of The Problem

One of the symptoms of gum disease is that your gum tissue can begin to separate from your teeth, which leaves your gums and jaw bone vulnerable to infection and decay. Your dentist can provide periodontal maintenance such as scaling and root planing to help reverse the effects of gum disease and save your smile’s health. If that maintenance fails, however, your dentist may recommend osseous surgery to preserve your tooth’s foundational support structure that surrounds it.

During osseous surgery (also known as flap surgery), your dentist carefully moves back a tiny portion of gum tissue to access your teeth’s root structure. Your dentist then cleans and smooths the areas of bone that have been roughened by periodontal disease. There are many benefits that come from receiving this treatment, such as:

  • Preventing malocclusion from occurring by maintaining your full row of teeth.
  • You’re able to retain your natural teeth.
  • The sensitivity in and around your tooth will be alleviated.
  • The spread of periodontal disease through you gums and jaw bone is stopped.

Give Your Teeth The Support They Need

Our dentists can provide your teeth the services they need to be supported and healthy. Contact us at our local Frisco, TX office at 972-335-7100.

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