Missing Teeth? Consider Which Customized Solution is Right for You

Missing Teeth? Consider Which Customized Solution is Right for You

Posted by Lone Star Dental Care Apr 01, 2022

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From cosmetic concerns to eating difficulties, missing teeth can be quite bothersome for any member of your family 一 young or old. Thankfully, there are options when it comes to addressing missing teeth. 

Because no two cases are identical, Dr. Afshin Vahadi and Dr. Vafa Mirshams take a highly customized approach when it comes to replacing missing teeth at our Lone Star Dental Care offices in Plano and Frisco, Texas.

Below, we cover a few of the most popular options for treating missing teeth.

Dental spacer

If your child loses a baby tooth prematurely, there’s no need to consider a dental implant, but you do need to address the missing tooth. Leaving a space empty for too long can encourage nearby teeth to shift into that space. Instead, we apply a space maintainer (spacer) to hold the space until your child’s permanent tooth emerges. Spacers are cemented in place and removed once the permanent tooth is ready to erupt from the gumline.


Bridges are a type of dental restoration designed to hide a missing tooth. When you receive a bridge, the two teeth on either side of the gap receive crowns. These two crowns support a pontic (the prosthetic tooth). 

Dental implants

Dental implants replace one (or more) teeth by surgically implanting a prosthetic tooth root (a titanium post) into your jawbone. The post fuses with your jawbone, creating a strong foundation for your crown. Dental implants are popular because they’re easy to maintain, easy to clean, and they look beautiful. 

Unlike bridges, dental implants require surgery. However, there are many advantages to replacing your tooth with an implant. Normally, your tooth roots stimulate your jawbone and keep it growing. Without this process, you’re at risk of jawbone atrophy and shifting teeth. That’s not true with dental implants. The implant stimulates your jawbone, reduces your risk of jawbone atrophy, and helps your remaining natural teeth stay in place.

Implant dentures

Did you know that implants can replace full rows of teeth? Here at Lone Star Dental Care, we offer three types of implant dentures. 

1. Snap-in dentures

As the name suggests, snap-in dentures feature a row of teeth that snap into place. The snaps of the dentures attach to the abutment, the connecting piece that links the titanium post with the dental crown. You can remove these dentures and clean them easily on your own. 

2. Screw-in dentures

Screw-in dentures are screwed into a few implant posts. Unlike snap-in dentures, you can’t remove these on your own. Because these are so sturdy and secure, screw-in dentures function and feel much like your natural teeth. 

3. Removable dentures

Also known as overdentures, removable dentures are the perfect balance between traditional dentures and implants. These dentures are removable and require fewer implant posts than the other types of implant dentures.

Both implants and implant dentures require healthy amounts of jawbone to support them. A bone graft can help you reach your goals even if you don’t have enough jawbone at first.


In addition to implant dentures, we also offer full and partial traditional dentures. These are removable prosthetic teeth that restore the functionality of your mouth without any surgery or incisions. 

Finding the right tooth-replacement option for you

Not all tooth-replacement options are right for everyone, but luckily, you don’t have to make this decision alone. Dr. Vahadi and Dr. Mirshams are experts when it comes to matching the right treatment with the right person. The right solution for you depends on your overall health, your age, the quantity of your jawbone, your preferences, and the number of missing teeth. 

Regardless of which option you choose, there are many reasons to replace a missing tooth. Tooth replacements boost your self-confidence, enhance the appearance of your smile, uphold your facial structure, improve your ability to eat, and promote clear speech. 

Ready to give your smile a makeover? To set up an implant consultation, call us today or use our online scheduling tool.

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