Rescue Your Tooth With A Filling

Most cavities can be prevented with good oral hygiene. But life happens and so do cavities. Even with the most vigilant of oral hygiene, tooth decay can find a way to wreak havoc on the health of your teeth. Some people are genetically more prone to tooth decay or some have issues such as bruxism that can cause your teeth to become more susceptible. Whatever the reason that a cavity may have happened, the important thing is that it gets treated. A cavity left untreated will not go away on its own. It will continue to worsen and the decay will get deeper within the tooth. A filling can stop a cavity and rescue your tooth. 

The Help of a Filling

A filling lives up to its name because it quite literally fills in a cavity. First, your dentist will disinfect the tooth removing any decay and damaged tooth debris. Once all that remains is healthy tooth, a filling material will be used to seal the tooth. Filling material is a composite bonding resin that can be color-matched to the natural tooth. The filling will harden and restore the tooth to its form and function. Because the tooth decay will be removed prior to filling, the progression will be stopped.

An Untreated Cavity

Early cavities only affect the outer surface of the tooth. When a cavity is only impacting the enamel, you may not feel it. Your dentist can detect early tooth decay and cavities, which is why routine checkups are important. If a cavity is left untreated long enough, it will move within the tooth to the next layer beneath the enamel, the dentin. If the cavity is still left untreated, the decay will reach the inner pulp of the tooth. This area is where the soft living tissue is, as well as the nerves of the tooth. Once the decay reaches this area, it will cause a toothache. At this point, endodontic treatment or root canal therapy will likely be necessary. If still not treated, the decay can cause infection leading to the possible need for an extraction.

Do you have a tooth in need of a filling rescue?

A filling can stop decay from destroying your tooth completely. Schedule a consultation at Lone Star Dental in Frisco, TX office at 972-335-7100.

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