Why Schedule Checkups & Cleanings Regularly?

Why Schedule Checkups & Cleanings Regularly?

Posted by Lone Star Dental Care May 09, 2017

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Many people believe it’s a waste of time and money to schedule regular preventive dentistry visits with their dentist. That thought could not be further from the truth. Why should you schedule checkups and cleanings regularly? Scheduling routine checkups and cleanings with your dentist is not only great for your oral health; it’s also great for the ol’ bank account. Visiting your dentist regularly allows your dentist to catch any developing issues before they can get out of hand and require more intensive treatment, saving you time, money, and loads of stress.

It’s Not A Sprint, But A Marathon

Scheduling regular appointments with your dentist is all about playing the long game. Instead of only going to the dentist for major issues, you can routinely visit and safe yourself money and stress over an entire lifetime. The exams and procedures involved in preventive dentistry visits include:

  •  Routine exam. During a routine exam, your dentist visually inspects your mouth using a tiny, digital intraoral camera to spot early signs of tooth decay, gum disease, tooth damage, and more. Your dentist may also use digital X-rays for a more comprehensive look at your oral structures to gauge the extent of tooth damage or infection.
  •  Oral cancer screenings. This comprehensive screening can detect tissue abnormalities that may be signs of cancer developing. Catching and treating cancer early greatly increases your odds of successfully defeating it.
  •  Bruxism assessment. You may unknowingly be grinding your teeth in your sleep. Your dentist can assess if you are doing this and craft you a custom oral appliance to prevent you from doing further damage.
  •  Scaling and root planing. Your dentist can perform periodontal cleaning to treat gum disease.

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