General & Preventive Dentistry in Frisco, TX

General & Preventive Dentistry in Frisco, TX

General dentistry is a dental specialty which focuses on preventing, diagnosing, and treating common oral diseases. In short, general dentists specialize in preventive care like cleanings, X-rays, and sealants. While general dentistry primarily focuses on preventative care, our Dentist in Frisco, TX at Lone Star Dental Care also diagnose and treat dental conditions like cavities, gum disease, and malocclusion. Preventive dentistry is an essential part of any family’s dental routine and is usually divided into two main categories: at-home and in-office dental care. Patients should strive to brush and floss their teeth twice daily, and limit their sugar intake at home. Patients should get their teeth cleaned and examined every six months with in-office care.

Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry is the field of dentistry that focuses on the oral health of children. A child’s first dental visit should occur within six months of the eruption of the first tooth and no later than the child’s first birthday. Starting dental visits early will make your child more likely to have a positive experience. We strive to provide a fun, non-threatening environment for children. Our dentists are compassionate and understanding, helping to put you and your child at ease.

Root Canal Therapy

When a tooth becomes infected, a root canal may be necessary. Root canal therapy is a process that involves removing the infected or inflamed pulp tissue from a tooth. The pulp contains blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue which can become irritated or infected when tooth decay penetrates through the tooth's surface. Once the pulp tissue has been removed, the canal is cleaned and sealed. A dental crown is frequently recommended to protect the tooth from fracturing in the future.

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry uses sedation methods to help patients relax during dental procedures. While patients remain conscious and aware during sedation dentistry, they do feel calm and relaxed. Sedation dentistry is often used for patients with dental anxiety, a strong gag reflex, or difficulty getting numb for treatments like root canal therapy.

Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction may be necessary if your tooth is severely damaged and cannot be repaired. Tooth extraction may also be recommended if your tooth is impacted, such as being trapped beneath your gum or severe crowding in your teeth. Tooth extraction is also often a treatment option for wisdom teeth. 

Tooth Replacement

Tooth replacement is using dental implants, bridges, or dentures to replace missing teeth. All of these options can restore the appearance of your smile and allow you to speak and eat normally. Tooth replacement can also significantly improve your long-term oral health. Replacing missing teeth is essential to your facial appearance. As teeth become lost, they can cause your cheeks to sag and your face to look older. Tooth replacement procedures also restore your ability to eat and speak properly.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth, often referred to as 3rd molars, are the last teeth to develop and erupt in the mouth. Most patients need to have their wisdom teeth removed to prevent overcrowding, impaction, and other complications. 

Wisdom teeth extraction is an oral surgery which can be more invasive than a routine extraction. Following the procedure, it is imperative you focus on rest and recovery for a minimum of 24 hours.  


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