Wisdom Teeth Removal in Frisco, TX

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Frisco, TX

A wisdom tooth is a third molar that typically emerges between the ages of seventeen and twenty-five, although it can be earlier or later for some people. Most adults have four wisdom teeth total, two on top and two on the bottom.

These molars are larger than the other teeth in your mouth and often become impacted in the jaw or only partially erupt from the gums. Your dentist might recommend wisdom teeth removal in Frisco, TX if they are causing you pain, crowding your other teeth, or both. Extractions involving the back teeth are more complicated because the nerves are located close to the jawbone itself. Dentists must remove a larger amount of jawbone to properly access these teeth.

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Need To Be Removed?

If wisdom teeth are not removed, they can cause damage to the surrounding teeth as well as become infected or develop cysts/abscesses. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause other health problems as well, including infections and tooth crowding. It’s best to have them removed to avoid future complications.

What Should I Expect During Wisdom Teeth Removal in Frisco, TX?

When the day of your appointment arrives, you’ll arrive about an hour early to fill out some paperwork and have a thorough exam with the dentist to ensure you’re healthy enough for the procedure. For most patients, sedation and a local anesthetic will be used during the procedure, so you don’t have to worry about feeling pain during the process. After you are prepped and comfortable at the dentist’s office, the dentist will remove the tooth or impacted teeth. We will then gently rock the tooth back and forth to loosen it from the jaw bone and then remove the tooth from the socket using forceps. Once the tooth is removed, we will place a gauze pad in the empty socket to control bleeding and help the area heal.

After the procedure is over and you’re no longer numb, you can return home to recover. You should eat soft foods and avoid alcohol for the first several days after the surgery, as your mouth will need to heal. A small amount of bleeding is normal after the first day, and it should not last more than a few days. If you experience any severe pain or difficulty swallowing, call your dentist right away. Some minor swelling is to be expected and can typically be controlled with ice packs. Use the ice pack for ten minutes at a time as needed for the first couple of days following the removal of the tooth. 

Am I a Candidate for Wisdom Teeth Removal in Frisco, TX?

If your teeth are healthy and properly positioned, then they may remain in place. However, if your wisdom teeth are impacted, come in at an awkward angle, or are difficult to keep clean, it’s usually a good idea to have them removed. In some cases, a patient may have only one wisdom tooth that may or may not need to be removed. In these cases, your dentist in Frisco, TX, will carefully evaluate your situation to determine the best course of action.

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