When it comes to the dental field, there’s nothing more important than finding a practice that uses cutting-edge technology. It is this technology that allows our patients to feel more comfortable both in our office as well as in their everyday lives, as technology has helped cut down on healing time in many of our procedures. Rely on Frisco-area dentist Dr. Vahadi to utilize only the most advanced technology to help accurately diagnose and treat all of your dental-related issues, always opting for minimally invasive treatments.

Laser Dentistry

Laser technology has proven to be extremely beneficial to dental patients. Lasers have helped increase the efficiency of many dental procedures, even reducing the healing time as well. Thanks to lasers, patients are able to receive precise, non-invasive treatments with faster healing time. Lasers can be used for cosmetic gum recontouring (gingivectomy), frenectomy, cold sore therapy, crown lengthening, and laser bacterial reduction prior to cleaning teeth.


Our team at Lone Star Dental Care is one of the only practice in the area that offers X-Guide treatments to our patients. This treatment is ideal for those receiving dental implants, as this piece of technology allows our team to precisely place your dental implant by making the process visual via real-time 3D imaging.

Intraoral Scanners

Another example of the latest technology that we use at our practice is the iTero Element intraoral scanner. This scanner eliminates many steps in different dental procedures, which benefits both patients and our team. This digital scanner automatically repositions itself inside of your mouth while digitally removing soft tissue. This technology allows our team to see accurate images of all areas of the mouth. This process eliminates taking alginate impressions.

Other Examples of Our Technology

LANAP® is another example of cutting-edge technology that we utilize in our practice. It revolves around treating gum disease based on your periodontal tissues’ ability to heal themselves. This is an alternative to traditional periodontal surgery. Our end goal is simple: help patients feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible while providing them with only the highest standards in dental care. Utilizing cutting-edge technology is a great way to do so! To learn more about the technology that our dentist in Frisco and Plano utilizes, or to see how you can benefit from our services, please contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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