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Many patients who visit us at Lone Star Dental Care are wary of procedures like implants and dental surgery. Luckily, our latest advanced technology provided by the X-GuideTM, eases patients into a procedure with a trusted instrument. This piece of technology is used to help dental professionals with the exact placement of the implant for missing teeth by allowing the surgeon to visualize the process, which also becomes easier for the patient. By using this guidance system, Dr. Vahadi and our team can now provide excellent implant procedures without the worry of complications. With real time 3D imaging, the implant process has become seamless.

How the X-Guide Benefits You

If you need implants to replace missing or broken teeth, the X-Guide may make the process much easier for you. This advanced technology eliminates the need for planning because with the views provided, our dentists will have the ability to easily maneuver during the process. We can place your new implants with precision, providing you with the look, feel and function of natural teeth. This 3D navigation system also allows for faster implants and in some cases, the procedure could take place during same-day visits. We are thrilled to offer this amazing and safe technology here at Lone Star Dental Care to help alleviate the worry patients feel when hearing that they need implants. If you need repairs on missing or damaging teeth, contact us today to discuss your options and our state-of-the-art implant procedures.

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